FixedIt: Children can’t have “sex” with adults, it’s abuse not sex

“Child sex offences” Every. Single. Day. IT IS NOT SEX. Children cannot have sex with adults because sex requires consent. Children cannot give consent, so by definition it’s not sex, it is rape, child abuse, sexual abuse or some other term that accurately describes a crime. Words matter, they express ideas and describe how we […]... Read More

Article: The cost of womanhood

This is the story of John and Mary, a typical Australia couple, and how gendered economic inequality plays out over a lifetime. John ends up comfortably wealthy, Mary lives the last years of her life perilously close to homelessness. This is not fiction. Both their stories are based on the average age, pay and experiences of […]... Read More

FixedIt: Cosby isn’t on trial for sex, he’s on trial for sexual assault

Cosby has not been charged with having sex, he’s charged with three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault. Sex and sexual assault are not the same thing. When the media confuse the terms in headlines, they confuse the meaning of them in public perception. Sex is consenting activity between adults. Sexual assault, rape and indecent assault are all […]... Read More