Article: We need to debunk the ‘monster myth’, and rapists may have a role to play

Tom Stranger doesn’t look like the mythical rapist, but he does look like a real rapist. And he admits to being a real rapist. Because of that, he has something valuable to say to the men who commit rape but are unable to conceive of themselves as rapists, or their attitudes to women’s bodies as […]... Read More

Debunking myths about rape and domestic violence

The irrefutable facts of domestic violence in Australia There’s a persistent view, particularly among men who feel under attack by feminists, that anyone who talks about gendered violence is demonising men. And that in doing so, not only are they are factually incorrect, they’re also deliberately ignoring male victims. The problem with this is that […]... Read More

Rejection leads to brutal knife attack

From the annals of the NotHowNewsIsEverReported Herald… A young man is in critical condition in hospital today after a brutal stabbing in OurTown’s streets last night. NotHowNewsIsEverReported Herald understands the alleged victim had been out drinking with friends before the attack, and insisted on walking home alone, clad only in shorts and a tight-fitting t-shirt, […]... Read More

“Why are you fucking ignoring me? I’m your boss. Show some respect” Sound consensual to you?

Yesterday The Age reported on a Melbourne law firm being sued for sexual harassment, after a senior lawyer “allegedly sent a female colleague photos of his erect penis and continuously bombarded her with unwelcome, sexually explicit text messages”. The Age quoted some of the texts he allegedly sent: “I find you seriously hot … I’m […]... Read More

Daily Life – What the Coroner’s Court report reveals about domestic violence

The NSW Coroner’s Court released a report on all the domestic homicides in NSW between 2000 and 2010. Even I was surprised by the data and the gender split it showed between the victims and perpetrators. There was not one single case where an abusive female killed a male victim. Full article on Daily Life.... Read More