FixedIt: invisible perpetrators can’t be stopped

Scottish newspaper, The Herald, provided a detailed analysis of a huge increase in serious crimes over the last few years. The headline focused entirely on the victims. The perpetrators of these crimes – overwhelmingly male – were invisible. It’s obviously important to ensure young girls are aware of the dangers of online crimes and given […]... Read More
FixedIt_Police_warning2 FixedIt_Police_warning

FixedIt: Women are not responsible for keeping themselves safe from men’s violence

Police in York warned women to avoid walking alone at night after three sexual assaults in three days. I have no doubt York Police were acting with the best of intentions and it is absolutely their responsibility to warn women that a sexual predator is in the area. But these attacks are not women’s responsibility. […]... Read More

FixedIt: No fix required

The Sydney Morning Herald showing how to report alleged domestic violence attacks with accuracy and context. Lance Pearce, the alleged perpetrator is named at the front of the headline putting the responsibility where it belongs – on the perpetrator not the victim, Blair Dalton. The severity of the attack is demonstrated by naming the charge […]... Read More

FixedIt: Footballer jailed for domestic violence is not the victim

The Herald Sun reported that Aaron James pleaded guilty to a “swag” of domestic violence, drug and driving charges and has been remanded in custody pending further psychiatric assessment. James was accused of assaulting and stalking his ex-wife, threatening to kill her and breaching intervention orders. Other charges included drug trafficking and driving while suspended. Police […]... Read More