FixedIt: Tinder didn’t repeatedly stab a woman and try to kill her, Paul Lambert did

The Daily Telegraph is just one of many publications that refer to Paul Lambert’s vicious assault and attempted murder of Angela Jay as the “Tinder stabbing”. Lambert broke into Angela Jay’s home, waited for her to come in, then he stabbed her repeatedly and soaked her in petrol. Police believe he intended to rape her, […]... Read More

FixedIt: Violent abuse of women and children is more important than property damage

This one from New Zealand, where a violent man tried to kill a woman, his ex-partner, and put the lives of her two children in serious danger. He’s an “arsonist” apparently. Under New Zealand law, arson is defined as damage to property. It’s considered more serious when the property damage could endanger human lives, but […]... Read More

FixedIt: Another day, another violent man made invisible in the headlines

Another report on an alleged vicious domestic violence attack, another invisible man. The North West Star reported on a man who allegedly attacked a woman in public, the article quoted police as saying the attack was the subject of a domestic violence investigation. But again, the attacker didn’t rate a mention in the headline, nor […]... Read More

FixedIt: Imprisoning a man for domestic violence is not interfering in a relationship

NewsMail again on another spectacular failure to accurately report men’s violence against women. The court was not keeping a young couple apart, it was doing the job it is supposed to do and imprisoning a violent offender who had breached a court order. From the article: “The officers stopped that Saturday night when they heard […]... Read More