Article: Feminist activism and social media – the medium is not the message

#MeToo is another slogan for another revolutionary movement, and the fact that it’s a hashtag does not render it frivolous, it simply reflects the reality of modern communication. Information and collective protest are not passed on by pamphlets or songs anymore, they’re shared on social media. There’s a touch of the luddite in her conflation […]... Read More

Article: Fact or fiction? Every third victim of intimate partner violence is a male

Intimate partner violence is the only life-threatening social issue where women are the overwhelming majority of victims. Suicide, murder, road deaths, cancer deaths, drug overdose, substance abuse, gambling addiction and incarceration all disproportionately affect men but none of those issue get a fraction of the attention Men’s Rights Activists give to domestic violence. It’s bad […]... Read More

Solution to DV victims determined to be at serious risk of future harm? Stop assessing the threat

Over 20,000 victims of domestic violence were still found to be “at serious threat of future harm” in just 12 months in NSW. Three or more prior DV incidents automatically classified the victim at serious threat of future harm and triggered a Safety Action Meeting (SAM) that would put them in touch with people who […]... Read More

Article: Where is the super ministry for tackling the real threat to Australians – domestic violence?

The federal government currently spends $35 billion on national security and $160 million on domestic violence each year. If you average that spending out over the past 20 years’ worth of victims, simple arithmetic puts it at $53 billion per person affected by terrorism and $55 per woman affected by male violence. Read the full article on the Sydney Morning Herald ... Read More

Article: Domestic violence half-yearly update: The numbers we need to know

You could fill the MCG eight times over with children living in Australia right now who have been or will be sexually abused. If you emptied out Brisbane you could completely refill the city with Australian survivors of sexual violence. 750,000 rapists live in Australia and have never been held accountable for their crimes. You’d […]... Read More

Article: Violence against women: We the media must do better

The MEAA code of ethics says the purpose of journalism is to describe society to itself. When journalists describe sexual and domestic violence as a perpetrator’s “downfall” and blame it on something other than his choice to be violent, we are failing at our purpose. Men’s violence against women is not caused by alcohol or a man’s […]... Read More