I will run for a Senate seat in the 2025 federal election. I live in Melbourne, so I will be running for a Victorian seat.

I am doing this because women’s voices and needs have been ignored by federal governments for too long.

Women’s safety is not a public relations problem or an election issue. Being safe means being financially, physically, medically, legally, educationally, emotionally, and professional safe. It means being safe in all aspects of our lives from infancy to old age.

We need someone in the parliament who will not allow governments to continue to ignore women’s rights and gender equity. We need someone to provide that perspective on all legislation that goes through the parliament and to amplify the voices of all Australian women and gender diverse people.

With your help, I will be that person in the parliament.

A pre-election announcement (when their support from women is circling the s-bend of Australian politics) about throwing some money at an agency that busies itself with advertising and report writing, and never sets standards or holds government to account is not action. It’s stumping for votes at the cost of women’s lives.

We shouldn’t be afraid to say so.