#FixedIt – defending ring leader of men who gang raped a 14yo by blaming the victim?

It defies comprehension. A defence lawyer implying the 14 year old victim of a gang rape was drunk, and making allegations about her sexual history? As a means of defending the alleged ringleader of the gang rape? Did he truly believe it was a genuine defence? Did he think a magistrate would find this persuasive? And most […]... Read More

#FixedIt – when a woman is unable to consent to sex, it’s not sex, it’s rape

And when she dies as a result of injuries inflicted during the sex rape, it’s pretty much impossible to understand how the perpetrators can claim it was consensual and not have claim that tested in court. When a coroner finds the men accused of inflicting the injuries lied in the investigation, it’s even more difficult […]... Read More