FixedIt – a 38 year old man cannot have a “sexual relationship” with a child under 12

In yet another example of media not understanding what words mean, The Miami Herald describes a 38 year old man accused of raping and abusing a girl under 12 as having a “sexual relationship” with her. Rape is not sex Abuse is not a “relationship”. 1800 RESPECT Sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling and […]... Read More

FixedIt – Murder is not protection. Abuse is not a relationship. Rape is not sex.

With a single headline, The Daily Mail turns an alleged child murderer into a loving father protecting his son, and an alleged child abuser into a romantic lover. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR MEN’S VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN Killing to “protect” someone is self defence, killing a child to cover up your son’s crime is murder. Rape is […]... Read More