#FixedIt – Sensationalised victims and invisible murderers

Puerile fascination with sex workers is far too common, but taking it so far that it dehumanises murdered women is beyond loathsome. She was a full, complex, feeling, thinking human, beloved by people who are waking up today to sensationalist headlines like this. Show some  respect. Also, stop erasing men from the murders they commit. She wasn’t killed by […]... Read More

#FixedIt – no, the mother of a murder victim is not responsible for someone else’s’ crime

Serial offender, news.com.au, needs fixing again, because how is this a headlines? This woman’s son has been murdered, murdered, and a headline implying she was responsible for that is how they report it. In the bin that is in the sea and straight to the bottom of the ocean, you parasitic goblin excrements. 1800 RESPECT […]... Read More