Article: Feminist activism and social media – the medium is not the message

#MeToo is another slogan for another revolutionary movement, and the fact that it’s a hashtag does not render it frivolous, it simply reflects the reality of modern communication. Information and collective protest are not passed on by pamphlets or songs anymore, they’re shared on social media. There’s a touch of the luddite in her conflation […]... Read More

Article: Fact or fiction? Every third victim of intimate partner violence is a male

Intimate partner violence is the only life-threatening social issue where women are the overwhelming majority of victims. Suicide, murder, road deaths, cancer deaths, drug overdose, substance abuse, gambling addiction and incarceration all disproportionately affect men but none of those issue get a fraction of the attention Men’s Rights Activists give to domestic violence. It’s bad […]... Read More

Article: The dilemma of being sexy over the age of 45

Maybe the Search for a Silver Fox show will challenge the young, slim, white, pretty conventional idea of beauty. The dilemma in it is that it both challenges that idea and conforms to it by collecting people who largely fit all those requirements but with a single noticeable difference. They are predominantly white, slim, conventionally attractive and […]... Read More

Article: FixedIt: The sexist headlines that needed fixing in 2017

A year ago I wrote about the 10 headlines that most needed fixing in 2016. I wish I was here to write about how much better they were in 2017. I’m not. The FixedIt project started three years ago. It’s about the noxious headlines over articles describing men’s violence against women and the media’s misrepresentation (or no […]... Read More

Article: What White Ribbon could learn from a series of tweets by police in Scotland

When advocates on an issue that affects women so deeply are routinely criticised by women with personal experience of that issue, something more than defensiveness is required. This is not about telling men to stay silent on men’s violence, it’s about the difference between asking for accolades and earning them. Full article here... Read More

Article: Did you forget International Men’s Day? Don’t worry – the men’s rights activists did too

It’s a shame that activists for men’s issues are only interested in kvetching about feminism, because men are in serious need of help. And the groups that claim to be acting on their behalf are failing them by acting against women rather than for men. Skim over any men’s rights activist website and almost every […]... Read More