FixedIt: Children can’t have “sex” with adults, it’s abuse not sex

“Child sex offences” Every. Single. Day. IT IS NOT SEX. Children cannot have sex with adults because sex requires consent. Children cannot give consent, so by definition it’s not sex, it is rape, child abuse, sexual abuse or some other term that accurately describes a crime. Words matter, they express ideas and describe how we […]... Read More

Article: Violence against women: We the media must do better

The MEAA code of ethics says the purpose of journalism is to describe society to itself. When journalists describe sexual and domestic violence as a perpetrator’s “downfall” and blame it on something other than his choice to be violent, we are failing at our purpose. Men’s violence against women is not caused by alcohol or a man’s […]... Read More

Article: Parents want their kids to grow up free of ‘sissy boy’ and ‘bossy girl’ labels

“Most of the parents surveyed for the Our Watch report were at least 25 years old, and they grew up in a world where gender equality was talked about, but rarely demonstrated. Their kids were born into a country where all the power groups – government, business, the justice system, music, movies and the arts […]... Read More