Fixed It: Violence and the Representation of Women in the Media


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Seen the posts on social media? Now read the book that explains why Jane Gilmore started the Fixed It project and how myths about men’s violence against women remain so entrenched in our daily news.


Finally, we are starting to talk about the epidemic of gendered violence, but too often editors and journalists are doing so in a way that can be clumsy and even harmful.

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Victim blaming, passive voice and over-identification with abusers continue to be hallmarks of reporting on this issue. New business models in the media, driven by rapid churn and the 24 hour news cycle, forced newsrooms to cut staff and lose expertise, which means journalists and editors often don’t have the time or resources bring new ways of thinking into their newsrooms.

Fixed It high lists all the myths that we’re sold about men’s violence against women, and undercuts them in a clear and compelling way.

This is a bold, powerful look at the stories we are told – and the stories we tell ourselves – about gender and power, and a call to action for all of us to think harder and do better.

About the Author

Jane Gilmore was the founding editor of The King’s Tribune. She is now a freelance journalist, author, and consent educator.

Industry Reviews

“You have to stand outside the goldfish bowl to see the water. Jane Gilmore’s position as an ‘outsider’ entering journalism on her own terms allows her to challenge the toxic assumptions behind how violence against women is reported. It’s an important contribution.”
Margaret Simons

“With her razor sharp wit and impeccable research skills, Jane Gilmore’s Fixed It has delivered into the world a text that is essential to understanding the insidious ways our media minimises the impact of men’s violence against women. #FixedIt won’t just change lives – it will change society.”
Clementine Ford

“Jane Gilmore is not just changing how we think, she is changing how we use our words and maybe she is the first person to get those things the right way round.”
Jane Caro

“Gilmore’s Fixed It is a potent reminder of the dangers of dehumanising stereotypes, and the importance of interrogating and rethinking the way violence is reported on and discussed.”
Tara Moss

Books by Jane Gilmore

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