I don’t know how to say this again.

Murdered women are not wheelie bins. 

I don’t understand how this even needs to be said once, but apparently it needs to be said a lot. For years and years.

When a man turns up at his wife’s parent’s house, reportedly to tell them that he killed their daughter, it’s not a death. It’s an “alleged” murder. Of a person, not a bin.

(I do not like the word “alleged” but the laws that protect men accused of raping and/or murdering women require that I not defame them by suggesting they are guilty before they have been convicted. This man fled the country before he could be charged and is still entitled to the presumption of innocence, therefore, it is an “alleged” murder.)

A woman was killed. She was a person. She had a life that important to her and to the world. She should have had decades more of that life to live as she chose. She was not the manner of her “alleged” murder or the place her husband “allegedly” chose to leave her body.

The Wheelie Bin Murder trope has persisted for over a decade. This is not an accident or an ill-informed gaff. It’s a deliberate choice. And it’s revolting.

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