Questions I’ll ask and questions I’ll answer

January 24, 2022by Jane Gilmore

Thank you again to everyone who signed up, shared and donated after I announced I’m running for a Senate Seat in Victoria in the 2022 election.

I’m almost ready to register with the Australian Electoral commission. I need a little more than 300 more people to sign up, so if you haven’t yet, please do. If you have registered and you know anyone else who might be interested, please send them the registration link, and ask them to help. 

Even if you’re not sure yet whether you’d want to vote for me, think about whether you want someone like me involved in the election campaign. I will make a difference to the campaign by being part of it. When I get registered and become a challenge for that final senate seat in Victoria, the major parties cannot ignore me. Which means they cannot ignore my questions about their budgets and polices for keeping women safe. 

These are just some of the questions I want major parties to answer – and I mean properly answer, not just give a bunch of mealy-mouthed weasel words and empty promises with no substance.

  • What specifically are they going to do to ensure First Nations women are fully in charge of solutions for domestic and family violence in First Nations communities?
  • How are they going to extend those recommendations to they protect all workers in Australia?
  • How are they going to fund domestic crisis services so everyone trying to escape violence in their home can find the help they need?
  • How are they going to fund and implement effective behaviour change programs for perpetrators of violence?
  • What are they going to do to fund, assist and implement trauma-informed and expert consent and respectful relationships programs for all children in Australia?
  • What policies will they have to address the gender economic gap, so women are not growing old under the pressure of a lifetime of economic disadvantage in an ongoing housing affordability crisis?

This is just to start with. There will be more questions to come…

Also, since I put it out that I will be running for the Senate Seat, I’ve had heaps of people ask some great questions about why I’m doing it, how I will do it, and what I will do with it. I’m trying to answer as many as I can in the comments, but for now I’m still working and don’t always have time to answer every question as fully as I want to. 

So, I’m going to collect them and answer them in written, audio and video posts. If there’s something you want to know, please do post questions. I’ll do my best to get to all of them. I know not everyone will agree with everything and I’m not afraid of that. Respectful debate is always welcome. Trolling, straw-manning, and abuse will be deleted. 

Thank you again for reading, sharing, and participating. 

© Jane Gilmore 2014