Now that Morrison has won the idiotic fight he created in NSW, he will probably call the election in the next few days. Sadly this means I will not get the WRAGE party registered before the election. However, I will still run as an independent and register WRAGE as a parliamentary party if I win.

Voting for me won’t make a difference to who wins government – I’m running for the Senate, not the House. It will, however, make a difference to how the new government acts after the election.

The Senate is where legislation is reviewed before and after it passes. We need an independent advocate for women’s rights and gender equity to be part of that review and speak for women and NB people when government fails them.

We need more women in parliament because representation matters.

We also need more representation of marginalised groups in parliament. I will find an outstanding person from one of those groups to take over the WRAGE seat and leadership when I’m done.

It will be more difficult to win as an independent. But with your help I can still do it. Share. Subscribe. Donate. Talk to people about who they will vote for in the Senate. And most of all, VOTE 1 for me in the senate.

Thank you!

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