Women, this is how you keep yourself safe

December 29, 2016by Jane Gilmore

Women, even if you do all the “right things”, you will still be implicitly blamed for not keeping yourself safe. So stay at home all the time, lock all the doors and windows and never ever leave.

But the most dangerous place for women to be is at home with a man who says he loves you, so don’t stay home.

Maintain constant vigilance when you go out, because men can attack you at any moment, but don’t ever say that men are dangerous because that’s demonising men and their rage will overwhelm you.

If men are out hunting for a victim, don’t let it be you they choose. If it is, that’s your fault. You should have made sure it was some other woman.

Don’t be afraid because #notallmen, but don’t be confident because you need to be wary for your safety, and come on love, give us a smile and show us your tits and take your headphones out so men can talk to you, you stuck up slut.

Don’t wear too little, don’t take up too much space, don’t be noticed, but make sure you’re always pretty.

Don’t enjoy sex and never say no to a man who wants you.

Be a strong, confident, independent woman because sexism is over, but don’t be loud or angry or opinionated or ambitious, because no one likes a ballbreaking bitch.

Don’t be black or brown, don’t wear a hijab. If you’re Asian don’t be anything but killer smart and always submissive. Don’t be old or fat or poor or disabled or cis, because if you’re not white and young and slim and pretty and feminine you’d damn sure better be invisible.

Don’t be white and young and slim and pretty and feminine because no one could possibly take you seriously.

Don’t be a lesbian because what is wrong with you? All you need is a good fuck, but no man would ever want you, fat, hairy, unfuckable thing. Don’t not care about that, you’ll be hated. Don’t care about it, you’ll be scorned.

Don’t drink too much or talk too loud or laugh too heartily, don’t swear or smoke or dance or joke or compete or try, and never think that anyone else is to blame if you’re not successful.

Don’t walk in public streets at night, you’re asking for trouble. Don’t catch a train or a taxi or an uber, they’re too dangerous. Don’t ask for women only transport services, that makes men feel bad.

Keep yourself safe, because it’s easy and anything that happens to you when you are not safe is your own stupid fault. you should have known better.

Screenshot from an article on the ABC about the arrest of two men over the brutal rape of a woman in Brisbane six years ago. It’s worth noting that the Brisbane Times, The Courier Mail and The Mercury, among others, all reported on this arrest without perpetuating the vile nonsense that there was anything this woman could have done to prevent the vicious attack by two men (identities not yet proven) who chose to rape her.


© Jane Gilmore 2014