Article: Could automation make life worse for women?

December 8, 2016by Jane Gilmore

Last year the World Economic Forum (WEF) coined the phrase the fourth industrial revolution for the sweeping changes technology is set to make to our world. This revolution will irrevocably alter our fundamental concept of work, and our ability to trade time and skill for money. This is not something we’re waiting for though; it’s happening right now.

McKinsey and Company recently reported that of the 2,000 work activities they examined, 45% “could be automated using already demonstrated technology.”

The WEF also identified that women would be more affected by the coming changes than men.

“In absolute terms, men will face nearly 4m job losses and 1.4m gains, approximately three jobs lost for every job gained, whereas women will face 3m job losses and only 0.55m gains, more than five jobs lost for every job gained.”

Women, however, are not a homogenous group, and the changes will not be spread evenly across the female population.

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