Article: The truth about rape convictions: ‘It shatters your belief that the world is a safe place’

March 1, 2017by Jane Gilmore

A report just released from the Crime Statistics Agency found that in 2009 and 2010, over 3,500 rapes were reported to Victoria Police. Of those, a tiny 3% ended in a court conviction.

Even more startling, 41 police reports were made against alleged perpetrators who already had at least six prior sexual offences recorded. Nearly half (18) of those reports went nowhere. No charges, no court appearance, no conviction, nothing.

And these are the rapes that have been reported. Hundreds of thousands of women in Australia have been raped or sexually assaulted and never go to police.

Why are charges and convictions so difficult to achieve for sexual violence? That’s something Nina Funnell knows all too well.

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