There’s nothing like a good bit of self-righteous anger, am I right? That splendid feeling that someone has done something reprehensible, committed some terribly offensive offence that we can condemn with sincere loathing, thereby reassuring ourselves of our own staunch virtue. And sharing our indignation with likeminded folk is just extra righteous sauce on the acrimony pudding.

Social media is the best outrage facilitator humans have had since we had to give up pitchforks and a pillory in the town square. We can reach out at any time, from any place and allow our virtuous wrath to descend upon the heads of the sinful. We can gather in groups, whip up hysteria, call upon the powerful to Take Action and watch in glee as the object of our ire is crushed by the righteous. And if the responses are more abhorrent than the original fall, well, so be it, he brought it upon himself, we say through sanctimoniously pursed lips.

….and for the rest, here’s my article at Spook Magazine