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August 23, 2017by Jane Gilmore

So this feels very weird, asking for money for a project I wish didn’t have to exist. But FixedIt just keeps getting bigger, not smaller. Too many headlines go by that I don’t have time to fix because I have to put paid work first.

But it needs to get bigger. It needs to be world wide publications, not just Australia. It needs to be every day and done properly. Unfortunately my landlord won’t accept anger in lieu of rent.

I know times are tough and no one should feel any obligation, but if you want to, and if you can, help me have more time to give to this. I also know any support I get is because you believe this matters and I take that responsibility very seriously.

Every little bit helps, please don’t feel you have to give big. Even one dollar a month adds up.

There’s a lot more I can do with this project if I can get the time to do it properly, thank you so much to everyone who supports it.

You can have find my Patron page here


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