The Northern Beaches review was one of a number of outlets that published an Australian Associated Press (AAP) report about a Melbourne doctor whose medical license was cancelled. The former doctor posted photos of naked dead women and children, statements about killing his wife if she was unfaithful, sexual images of his wife without her consent, and violently misogynistic and racist comments. The posts were on a Singapore forum, where he scornfully rejected any claim he could be reported to Australian authorities.

I understand not outlining the posts in detail. They deeply disturbing. But “info”? Really? That’s the word they choose to describe posts so vile even I can’t bring myself to repeat them? It’s one of the more bizarre erasures of male violence I’ve seen in a while.

Note: AAP is a newswire service. Many publications subscribe and don’t have the time or resources to check or review their articles. This is not about not any specific publication, it’s a symptom of an industry wide malaise.

If you need to know details about the doctor or the things he posted, they are on the VCAT database (link on my site if you’re reading this on social media post).

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