Police in York warned women to avoid walking alone at night after three sexual assaults in three days.

I have no doubt York Police were acting with the best of intentions and it is absolutely their responsibility to warn women that a sexual predator is in the area. But these attacks are not women’s responsibility.

What happens to a woman who didn’t hear the warning or had no choice but to walk home or refused to be housebound by men who think they are entitled to attack women? Is it her fault if she is attacked? Should all the women of York lock themselves in their homes until this man is caught? Even if the most dangerous place a woman can be is at home with a man who claims to love her?

How about this as a police warning?

Police warn men to avoid attacking women. Police warn men to avoid being alone on the street if they think they are likely to attack a woman. Police warn men to stay at home until the predator is caught so women can feel safe on the streets. Police warn men that they will be caught, charged and convicted if they attack women. Police warn men that attacks on women are inexcusable and men will be held accountable for any violence they commit. Police warn men that that extra patrols and resources will go into keeping women safe from violent men. Police warn men that women are going to go about their lives and enjoy their freedoms and men who cannot see that without attacking women should not leave their homes. Police warn men that women are not going to be made responsible for the violence men commit.

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National Domestic Violence
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Sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling and support.
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Suicide Call Back Service
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Kids Helpline
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MensLine Australia
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Child Wise National Abuse Helpline
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Ph: 1800 99 10 99

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