Murder is not romantic

The Daily Mail described a man stabbing a woman in the back more than 20 times as a “Romeo and Juliet style attack”, because nothing says romance like attempted murder.

They picked up the phrase because the victim used it in a desperate attempt to take the knife from her attacker. It’s vile, but not surprising, that Betts bought into this twisted fantasy, he’s a man who responded to rejection by trying to kill a woman. But surely international publications can do better than murderers?

And just to add some vile backstory, Alan Jones, at the time of Bett’s conviction, said: “I have seen these things in Shakespearean plays. It just happens.”

Some points to note:

  • Shakespeare was fiction
  • Attempted murder is a crime
  • It does not “just happen”, someone makes a choice to try to murder another person
  • Rejection can cause tears, anger, hurt feelings and misery. It does not cause murder.
  • The only cause of murder is a choice to murder someone.
  • Alan Jones is revolting

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