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Jane was the founding editor of The King’s Tribune, which started in 2007 as a newsletter for a Elwood wine bar and ended in 2014 as a national online magazine with a roster of hugely talented writers and a large and loyal readership.

She is now a freelance writer, with a particular interest in feminism, politics and media.

Facebook: Jane Gilmore

Twitter: @JaneTribune

Instagram: FixedItHeadline


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Jane – finally got around to reading your whole piece on “malevolent buffoonery”. Wow, fantastic writing – you put into words exactly the feelings I have simmering and boiling inside me; too angry and outraged to express cogently. I keep wondering how the hell they are managing to get away with the all the grrrr !@#$%^ (there I go again.. gnashing teeth and incoherent with rage). Abbott is a truly sinister and dangerous man.

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