FixedIt: “Death of a family”, or pre-meditated murder of woman and children?

Murderers who also kill themselves are still murderers. Why is an otherwise thorough report of the murder of a woman and her children, including detailed evidence of her intention to divorce him, run under a headline about the “death of the Manrique-Lutz family”? All the evidence laid out in the article shows Fernando Manrique planned the […]... Read More

Article: 10 headlines about male violence that needed to be fixed in 2016

Here’s a list of things that don’t cause murder: selfies, jealousy, alcohol, mothers, shoes, Jagerbombs, broken hearts, razor blades and romance. Here’s a list of all the things that do cause murder: a person’s decision to commit murder. Read the summary of the worst FixedIts from 2016 on Sydney Morning Herald... Read More

Article: We need to start talking about working dads

Women are never going to be able to access an equal level of professional opportunity until men take on equal responsibility for unpaid work. I’m not talking about men “helping” more with the children, I’m talking about a fundamental change to how we understand family roles. Read the full article on The Sydney Morning Herald... Read More

Article: Could automation make life worse for women?

Last year the World Economic Forum (WEF) coined the phrase the fourth industrial revolution for the sweeping changes technology is set to make to our world. This revolution will irrevocably alter our fundamental concept of work, and our ability to trade time and skill for money. This is not something we’re waiting for though; it’s […]... Read More