FixedIt: She’s a woman not a “Tinder Date”. He’s a violent man who raped a woman, not a “horny tradie”

The Herald Sun reported that 31 year old Shane James Kavanagh was convicted of violently raping a woman with whom he had just begun an intimate relationship, and was sentenced to seven years in jail, with a five year, 3 mont non-parole period.  Or at least, that’s what the journalist tried to do. Whoever wrote […]... Read More

But He Was Such A Good Guy

Extract from my book, FixedIt: Violence and the representation of women in the media, published by Penguin Random House: The Good Bloke, the Great Guy, the Loving Father, the Amazing Hubby, the Pillar of Society. Also known as: the man who killed his partner and/or children. The Good Guy trope is so ubiquitous in news reports about men who […]... Read More

FixedIt: What are you reporting?

The Age reported that a man has been charged with murder after his wife’s body was discovered in a home in Queensland last week. Although, you wouldn’t know that from this headline.  The fact that her body was not discovered until a day later is relevant but it’s not even close to being the main […]... Read More

FixedIt: why was he in court?

The Courier Mail reported that a man was charged with three breaches of domestic violence orders, although you wouldn’t know this from the headline. Losing his home, his job and his wife was not the reason for his court appearance. These are terrible things to deal with but they’re not crimes and you don’t go […]... Read More