FixedIt is a project I started in 2014. It was born of frustration with the then constant victim-blaming and erasure of perpetrators from media headlines about men’s violence against women.

At the time media headlines were full of  “scorned lovers” who raped women they claimed to love, “good fathers” who killed their children, and adults who had “sexual relationships” with children they were abusing.

Nearly eight years later, after hundreds of fixed headlines, a book, a Ted Talk, dozens of speaking engagements and several training sessions, those headlines have mostly disappeared. Mostly.

Habits die hard and victim-blaming attitudes are stubbornly persistent. I don’t do fixes every day now, but I do still check all my google alerts. When an egregious headlines comes through, crowds of people call it out immediately. Headlines are often changed before I get a chance to get open my laptop.

FixedIt still exists, even if it’s not daily any more. Because complacency is never the right response to tenuous change.

New book coming out in October!

Fairy Tale Princesses Will Kill Your Children

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