Article: Women should embrace the power of our collective rage

Women’s anger when it does become visible is usually met with mockery and condescension. Calm down. No need to get hysterical. Stop being so emotional. Is it that time of the month? What’s her problem? Thurman’s rage was instinctively recognisable in this moment because women are angry. Ragingly, furiously angry. The recent spate of abuse […]... Read More

FixedIt: Erasing a violent man from a headline and replacing him with a house? Really?

Not the first fix on a story about the horrific attack (see yesterday’s post about the invisible assailant) but it seems that the Cairns Post wanted to go one further than erasing the alleged perpetrator from the headline, they replaced him with a house. Not content with that baffling piece of “journalism”, they then proceeded […]... Read More

FixedIt: Erasing men’s violence against women

The Townsville Bulletin reported on a man charged with torture, rape and assault after allegedly holding a woman against her will for three days. Police raided the residence last Friday, before charging the 26-year-old with torture, possession of drug utensils and two counts each of rape, assault occasioning bodily harm and common assault. It is […]... Read More

Article: No, cheating won’t fix your marriage

The Independent lead with “Cheating can make your marriage STRONGER”. and the Daily Mailconcurred. Cheating is “GOOD for your marriage” according to The Sun. Even The Guardian played around the edges with “Esther Perel: The relationship guru who thinks infidelity isn’t all bad“. The thing is, they’re all wrong. Not only does Perel believe affairs are more damaging now than ever […]... Read More