FixedIt: sexually assaulting children is not sex

Channel Ten reported on a delay in the trial of Philip Wilson, Archbishop of Adelaide, who was charged with failing to report priests who were sexually abusing children. Archbishop Wilson’s guilt or innocence will be determined by the court, but the priest he allegedly failed to report, James Fletcher, was convicted in 2004 on nine charges of […]... Read More

FixedIt: Alleged child abuse is not sex

The Daily Telegraph reported that magistrate Graeme Curran had his first court appearance over alleged sexual abuse of a boy in the 1980s. Once again alleged sexual abuse of a child is described as “child sex”. Curran has not yet been tried, so this is not about his guilt or innocence. That can only be determined […]... Read More

Article: What White Ribbon could learn from a series of tweets by police in Scotland

When advocates on an issue that affects women so deeply are routinely criticised by women with personal experience of that issue, something more than defensiveness is required. This is not about telling men to stay silent on men’s violence, it’s about the difference between asking for accolades and earning them. Full article here... Read More

Article: Did you forget International Men’s Day? Don’t worry – the men’s rights activists did too

It’s a shame that activists for men’s issues are only interested in kvetching about feminism, because men are in serious need of help. And the groups that claim to be acting on their behalf are failing them by acting against women rather than for men. Skim over any men’s rights activist website and almost every […]... Read More

FixedIt: Woman allegedly sexually assaulted by a man not a train station

Another invisible perpetrator of sexual violence, this one from the Courier Mail. A man has been charged with sexual assault of a woman in Toowoomba. Police say there may be other victims. Once again the man accused of the crime does not exist. Erasing men’s violence from headlines is not a small matter. Jackson Katz’ TED […]... Read More