Article: FixedIt: The sexist headlines that needed fixing in 2017

A year ago I wrote about the 10 headlines that most needed fixing in 2016. I wish I was here to write about how much better they were in 2017. I’m not. The FixedIt project started three years ago. It’s about the noxious headlines over articles describing men’s violence against women and the media’s misrepresentation (or no […]... Read More

FixedIt: Children can’t have “sex”, not even with tourists

The Daily Telegraph reported on the laudable changes to the law that attempt to prevent paedophiles travelling overseas to rape and abuse children. Good story. But it’s not “sex” tourism. It’s rape and abuse tourism. Children cannot have “sex”. Sex requires consent, children cannot legally or morally give consent so it is not sex. Rape, […]... Read More

The F Word Address

I was honoured to deliver the F Word Address at the Wheeler Centre this year. This is the speech as I wrote it but I spoke without notes so the actual delivery might have been slightly different. It’s a longish (10 to 15 minute read). Podcast is available on The Wheeler Centre website I think […]... Read More

FixedIt: Stop erasing perpetrators

Channel 9 News reported a 55 year old man has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and sexual assault of an eight year old girl. But they forgot to mention him in the headline. Invisible perpetrators are a constant in FixedIt. It matters because headlines are supposed to be a short summary of the article […]... Read More

FixedIt: He’s a child abuser not a PR Guru reported on Max Clifford’s death by reminding everyone about how he was a celebrity publicist and “PR Guru”. He’s not “disgraced” like he got caught with his hand in a cookie jar. He’s a convicted criminal. His crimes were among the most serious any person can commit. According to the Guardian, “Clifford was told […]... Read More