What do Fixed It, consent education, and fairytale princesses have in common?

Quite a lot as it turns out, including the fact that I have written books about all of them!

Fairytale Princesses Will Kill Your Children looks at the myths about gender, violence, dreams, ambitions, and relationships that are deeply embedded in the stories we tell our children.

By retelling old stories and tracing their origins further back than Disney and the Brothers Grimm, Fairytale Princesses Will Kill Your Children takes a new look at old tales. It explores how ancient history and patriarchy are embedded into our lives from childhood and become inextricably woven into our legal, economic, media, and social structures.

Pre-orders will open in late September and the book will launch in Melbourne at the end of October.

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New book coming out in October!

Fairy Tale Princesses Will Kill Your Children

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