Debunking myths about rape and domestic violence

October 25, 2016by Jane Gilmore

The irrefutable facts of domestic violence in Australia

There’s a persistent view, particularly among men who feel under attack by feminists, that anyone who talks about gendered violence is demonising men. And that in doing so, not only are they are factually incorrect, they’re also deliberately ignoring male victims.

The problem with this is that it utterly disregards the truth — men are significantly more likely to be both the perpetrator and the victim of violence. It also ignores the reason people try so hard to explain and gain acceptance of the truth about male violence. Read more


Sexual assault victims and a flawed justice system

As a recent Queensland case shows, sexual assault complainants are often further traumatised by brutal questioning in court, made worse by enduring rape myths. Read more


The six most insidious, dangerous and damaging rape myths

Rape has the lowest rates of reporting, investigation, charges laid, cases at trial and conviction of any violent crime. And study after study after study has shown that rape myths are the most common reason for this. Read more

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