FixedIt: Man who brutally assaulted his partner for years doesn’t exist in the headline

The Morning Bulletin reported on a horrific story of domestic violence last week. Over the space of about four years, Peter Mark Wright bashed his pregnant partner in the stomach with a hammer, tied her to a tree and disfigured her with caustic soda, broke her jaw, kept her prisoner in a remote farmhouse, tried […]... Read More

Article: Fact or fiction? Every third victim of intimate partner violence is a male

Intimate partner violence is the only life-threatening social issue where women are the overwhelming majority of victims. Suicide, murder, road deaths, cancer deaths, drug overdose, substance abuse, gambling addiction and incarceration all disproportionately affect men but none of those issue get a fraction of the attention Men’s Rights Activists give to domestic violence. It’s bad […]... Read More

Article: The dilemma of being sexy over the age of 45

Maybe the Search for a Silver Fox show will challenge the young, slim, white, pretty conventional idea of beauty. The dilemma in it is that it both challenges that idea and conforms to it by collecting people who largely fit all those requirements but with a single noticeable difference. They are predominantly white, slim, conventionally attractive and […]... Read More

FixedIt: he didn’t resign because of sex, he resigned because of sexual harassment allegations

Once again, Yahoo is having trouble differentiating between consensual sex and non-consensual assault and harassment. Trond Giske didn’t resign because of “sex” claims. Six different women have alleged that he sexually harassed or assaulted them. Sex is not the same as sexual harassment. Sex happens between people who can and do consent to everything they […]... Read More