FixedIt: Woman allegedly sexually assaulted by a man not a train station

Another invisible perpetrator of sexual violence, this one from the Courier Mail. A man has been charged with sexual assault of a woman in Toowoomba. Police say there may be other victims. Once again the man accused of the crime does not exist. Erasing men’s violence from headlines is not a small matter. Jackson Katz’ TED […]... Read More

FixedIt: Erasing a violent man from a headline and replacing him with a house? Really?

Not the first fix on a story about the horrific attack (see yesterday’s post about the invisible assailant) but it seems that the Cairns Post wanted to go one further than erasing the alleged perpetrator from the headline, they replaced him with a house. Not content with that baffling piece of “journalism”, they then proceeded […]... Read More