FixedIt: Befriending a mother does not lead to charges of sexual abuse

From the article on “Police allege the 54-year-old from Churchlands assaulted the boy this month after spending 10 months grooming him. The man has been charged with eight offences in total including sexual penetration, attempted sexual penetration and indecent dealing with a child. He will appear in Perth Magistrates Court later on Friday.” Further […]... Read More

Solution to DV victims determined to be at serious risk of future harm? Stop assessing the threat

Over 20,000 victims of domestic violence were still found to be “at serious threat of future harm” in just 12 months in NSW. Three or more prior DV incidents automatically classified the victim at serious threat of future harm and triggered a Safety Action Meeting (SAM) that would put them in touch with people who […]... Read More

Article: Where is the super ministry for tackling the real threat to Australians – domestic violence?

The federal government currently spends $35 billion on national security and $160 million on domestic violence each year. If you average that spending out over the past 20 years’ worth of victims, simple arithmetic puts it at $53 billion per person affected by terrorism and $55 per woman affected by male violence. Read the full article on the Sydney Morning Herald ... Read More