FixedIt: Serial DV offender is not invisible

The West Australian reported on Atinae Afamiliona’s brutal attack against his wife by erasing him from the headline. Afamiliona has multiple convictions for domestic violence offences against his wife and children. This attack occurred after she suggested a separation. His response to his wife making choices about her own life was to pick up a machete […]... Read More

Article: Panic about male teachers quitting obscures key factor: what about women?

The flip side of Paul’s comments is that female teachers tend to accept their role as nurturers. The “glorified babysitters” he describes are not expected to be highly paid or prestigious, and women don’t have the learned expectations that such things are inherently their due. Nor do women feel Paul’s existential discomfort in identifying with […]... Read More

FixedIt: Adults can’t have sex with 14 year olds.

Since this article was published yesterday afternoon it’s generated hundreds of comments. Both the reporting and the judges’ comments have attracted opprobrium. As they should. It’s interesting that the ABC reported on a very similar case in Canberra last year, but had no difficulty clearly labelling that crime as rape. There’s a couple of reasons […]... Read More

FixedIt: invisible rape of a child

The Townsville Bulletin accurately reported that a 45 year old man was convicted and jailed on four counts of indecent treatment of a child. However, he was also convicted of two counts of rape of that child. The judge said he showed no remorse, that he was in a position of trust with a vulnerable […]... Read More

FixedIt: A house did not commit rape

A rape investigation in Bolton is underway after police received a report that a 19-year-old woman had been raped, reports Wigan Today. Despite the headline, police are not investigating a house for rape, they are questioning a 27 year old man. There is no allegation that a house committed the alleged rape. FixedIt is an […]... Read More

FixedIt: What if women aren’t the problem?

From Yahoo UK: “In women only, low interest in sex was linked to having three or more partners in the past year, having children under five in the household, and not sharing a partner’s sexual preferences. Women whose general interests differed from those of their partners also experienced a lack of sex drive.” Hey, what […]... Read More

FixedIt: Trent Thorburn did not have “sex” with Tiahleigh Palmer

Trent Thorburn’s sexual abuse of Tiahleigh Palmer and her subsequent alleged murder have been widely covered in the Australian press. Tiahleigh was 12 years old when her 18 year old foster brother committed the crime of incest against her, for which he pled guilty yesterday. He also pled guilty to perjury and pervert the course […]... Read More