Article: Women should embrace the power of our collective rage

Women’s anger when it does become visible is usually met with mockery and condescension. Calm down. No need to get hysterical. Stop being so emotional. Is it that time of the month? What’s her problem? Thurman’s rage was instinctively recognisable in this moment because women are angry. Ragingly, furiously angry. The recent spate of abuse […]... Read More

Article: No, cheating won’t fix your marriage

The Independent lead with “Cheating can make your marriage STRONGER”. and the Daily Mailconcurred. Cheating is “GOOD for your marriage” according to The Sun. Even The Guardian played around the edges with “Esther Perel: The relationship guru who thinks infidelity isn’t all bad“. The thing is, they’re all wrong. Not only does Perel believe affairs are more damaging now than ever […]... Read More

Article: He’s dead to me: Cassandra Thorburn refuses amicable split with Karl Stefanovic

Like Joss Whedon’s ex-wife Kai Cole before her, Thorburn has unapologetically demanded acknowledgement of her contribution to her ex-husband’s professional success and denied him the protection of her silence. Again, like Cole, she will undoubtedly be criticised for declining the traditionally approved role of the long-suffering ex-wife. Full article here... Read More

Article: We know violence, crime and masculinity are linked. It’s time to look at why, and how to stop it

People of all genders, ages, religions, ethnicities, sizes and abilities can and have been subjected to sexual predation. The defining characteristic that unites them is vulnerability – which is why straight, white, adult men are so rarely victimised. Vulnerability, and the concurrent lack of power, is also the reason that women with disabilities, Aboriginal women, the LGBTI community, […]... Read More

Article: How a father’s parenting of a teenage daughter can increase chances of divorce

Most fathers probably know they should treat their sons and daughters equally but when feelings collide with knowledge, feelings will always win. Fathers who believe in traditional roles for women will probably expect their daughters should do more housework than their sons. They are more likely to feel threatened and disapproving of their daughters expressing sexuality, ambition […]... Read More

Article: Voted yes? Good. There’s plenty more for straight people to do

Even the strongest of the LGTBIQ community are reeling from the hatred legitimised by this “respectful” debate. The most vulnerable are in real danger. We can’t bear that burden for them, but we can stop asking them to fight this battle alone. All it takes for bigotry to triumph in this moment is for straight people to do nothing. Full […]... Read More

Article: Panic about male teachers quitting obscures key factor: what about women?

The flip side of Paul’s comments is that female teachers tend to accept their role as nurturers. The “glorified babysitters” he describes are not expected to be highly paid or prestigious, and women don’t have the learned expectations that such things are inherently their due. Nor do women feel Paul’s existential discomfort in identifying with […]... Read More