Australia’s preferential voting system means allies do not need to become enemies. When the full list of Victorian candidates for the Federal Senate seats is released, I will let everyone know who I will be voting for.

The reforms to the senate voting system means preference deals are no longer the powerful tool they once were, so it’s more about encouraging people to think about their preferences than any back room deals. 

There are six Victorian seats available in the upcoming election. Currently they are held by:

  • Sarah Henderson (Liberal)
  • Geoff Mirabella (Liberal)
  • Bridget McKenzie (Nationals)  
  • Kim Carr (Labor)
  • Kimberly Kitching (Labor)
  • Lidia Thorpe (Greens)

Lidia Thorpe from the Greens will likely hold her seat. Lidia is one of the three Aboriginal women in the Federal parliament, and we need to maintain First Nations voices in our government. I will strongly encourage people to include her on their senate vote. 

I am hoping the tremendous dissatisfaction with the government means we can bump one of the Liberal or National candidates. If it’s not me, I hope Victorians will put another independent in the Senate. 

Voices for the senate are supporting independents, most of whom are women, who advocate for strong action on climate change. I hope people who vote for me will also send a preference their way. 

Keep in mind that Clive Palmer is spending tens of millions on his campaign. There is a reasonable chance he will win a senate seat in Queensland. Pauline Hanson is also up for re-election this year. If they both win a seat it becomes even more important to have other independents in the senate who will stand up for women’s rights, gender equality and climate change. Victoria is the most progressive state in Australia.

If we’re going to get a women’s rights senator anywhere, they will probably come from Victoria. It’s up to you (and me) to make that happen.

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